This is a very special project for me because with it, I will be able to do something for the Drag Community that has always brought joy and happiness to me …. Or better said, to all of us with their art.

     Since this is a digital platform I will be able to have Queens and Kings from all over the world join together, and with that create a large digital portfolio where each queen will have her personal page with biography, photos and contact details.

     The website will have an event page where I will update monthly, Of course we can not forget about our bars where our queens welcome and perform for us all the time. The website will also include a Youtube Channel with interviews, performances and much more….

     Being a photographer, I will be using my art to capture the beauty of the queens and kings that I photograph and I will continually update the website with professional promotional material for each artist.

     Welcome to The Drag Directory.

     Emerson Aniceto

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