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Anna Steezia 

     Anna lives in Pittsburgh, PA where she has been a drag performer for 11 years now. She grew up not far away in a small town near Uniontown, PA where she was introduced to the art of drag almost 19 years ago!

     During the day Anna is a hairstylist of 13 years. She believes that drag is the perfect place for her to meld her interests of beauty, styling, performance, and love of music. For Anna, a creative outlet that allows everyone to escape day-to-day life is the magic of Drag.

     In her free time Anna’s hobbies include going to concerts, or live theatre. Decorating, watching movies, shopping, and creating drag. She sews many of her garments, or alters/embelishes them. She also styles and manipulates her own wigs. She can be convinced to create for others, if you ask her nicely enough.

     In Pittsburgh you can find Anna performing at many venues around the area. Brunches, bars, bingos – she’ll do it! She enjoys being a “hometown girl” performing for audiences of familiar faces and spending time with friends she’s made throughout the years. She enjoys performing a variety of genres of music, from current hits, to throwbacks of yesteryear. Anna believes that music is a thread that connects us across all walks of life and enjoys using drag as a means to help an audience escape for a moment of time. She loves to captivate with an incredible lip-sync to a heartfelt song, or get you moving with an upbeat track, or an occasional dark and macabre delight.

     Anna has held a few local titles, her most recent being Miss Gay Pittsburgh Pride 2015. She is passionate about being visible at Pride events where she has opened for Jennifer Hudson, and hosted for Martha Wash. Anna loves seeing the community standing up for our rights, and celebrating our accomplishments since the Stonewall Riots.

     Anna Steezia views her drag career as a hobby that brings joy and inspiration to both herself, and enrichment to others.


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