Aubrey Ombre

     Aubrey Ombre also known as Aubrey Wallace, I am 30 years old a Sagittarius born and raised in Memphis Tennessee.

     She is a former Miss Dru's place, a former Miss Mid-South Pride, a former Miss MGLCC Prom Queen, and your current Miss Gay Memphis 2019. My journey to becoming who I was pretty much beginning middle school when I attended Cypress Middle School in a group call sweep withstand for stormwater environmental educational project or program and we were associated with Rhodes College where are we test the sewage water in the storm drains and helped clean them from I volunteer my services at the MGLCC which was Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center and now it is out Memphis I've done that starting back in 2003 all the way up off and on until now.


     Aubrey is also a performer and have been since 2010 at this current moment I strive hard to be who I am and to fight to be who I want to be and along the way one of my biggest goals is to inspire this new generation to fight for what they believe in, be who they want to be and never let anyone take advantage of them.


     Her hobbies include volunteer work, performing, movies, bowling and a bit of laser tag.


     Aubrey's aspiration in life is to help people become confident in themselves, help other believe in truth and love, and  most important thing help others see the beauty in themselves and love their body no matter the size or shape.


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