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     Born at West Penn Hospital and raised in Butler, Bebe Beretta has always been a Pittsburgh local. The name being a callback to her origins of guns, cars and classic rock, Bebe started local drag in 2011 at There Ultra Lounge, a regular constant (and occasional winner) of Kierra Darshell's Drag Search contest, her first time performing having lost to Amy Vodkahaus, a well-known and fiercely-talented drag terrorist.


     Having spent 2 years living out of her car in her drag infancy, Bebe eventually joined up with the regular performers of the Blue Moon, the Haus of Haunt, as well as other new queens and eventually landed in Lawrenceville, finally unpacking her car to a cluttered life of messy art gallery shows and underground/dive bar trash drag.


     Having since wiped the blood (both real and fake) from her Pleasers, Bebe prefers a bit of polish with a slightly unstable essence in her drag style nowadays, finding inspiration in the Angry Princess archetypes from pop culture.


     Not to be confused for a non-alternative queen, Bebe still reminds people on occasion of her messy, rough origins.


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