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Bella Nouveau

     “Vulnerability is my strength.”

     Bella Nouveau resides in Columbus, OH where she is currently clowning around! Nouveau has been in the drag game for 3 years now. Her adventure began in Pittsburgh, PA at an Open Stage show at The Blue Moon. (Like many new performers in Pittsburgh do!)  She has always been an entertainer and found a way to bring out the inner clown more through drag. 


     In broad daylight, Bella works in the restaurant industry. During this time, she uses the people she meets and conversations had as fuel for creative performances. Her goal is to make people laugh and provide that escape from matter how brief that moment will last.  

     Bella’s hobbies include watching movies, acting a fool, eating chicken nuggets and enjoying time with her partner and fur-children. She is a huge charity queen who hosts fundraising events benefiting organizations small and large! “I have the platform and I not only want to do what’s good, but what’s right.”

     Bella is continuously adapting to the ever changing world around her. “We all hold the paintbrush, why not paint outside the lines?!” She encourages everyone she comes into contact with to be the best clown you can be and never forget to laugh at yourself. The best laughter comes from within. 


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