Dixie Surewood

     Dixie Surewood has been a living in Pittsburgh PA since relocating from Buffalo NY in 2014. She has been doing drag for about 5 years, but has been on stage her entire life. Graduating with a degree in Theater, performing has always been in her blood. Her backgrounds in dance, music, and performance have helped her excell in her drag career.


     In Pittsburgh, you can find Dixie performing and hosting at multiple venues throughout the city. From singing to bingos and from musicals to ballads, Dixie does it all. She likes performing to an assortment of music or a comedic mix she has created. Dixie believes making people laugh is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, so though her performances she encourages people to “laugh with” (and sometimes at) what’s happening on stage. Whether she is impersonating “Little Orphan Annie” or prancing around on stage in a piñata inspired evening gown, Dixie wants you to have fun.


     One of Dixie’s favorite past times include competing in pageants. Her titles have included Miss Blue Moon 2018, Miss Trash PA, and Miss Great Lakes Comedy Queen. The most prestigious title she has held so far is National Miss Comedy Queen. This is a pageant on the national level where performers have to win a preliminary to get a chance at nationals. The year Dixie won, she beat 20 other performers at nationals for the title. During her reign, she got to travel all over the country promoting the title as well as raising money for various charitable organizations.


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