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Elizabeth Wayne Gaycee

     Elizabeth comes from a small Pennsylvania town, about an hour away from Pittsburgh. Never knowing financial stability and coming from a home broken by drugs, alcohol, and many more personal factors, she has persevered and never allowed anyone to tell her what she can and cannot do regardless of how they felt about it, even her parents. She was bullied and picked on, like many queer young people but has always had the fight to not allow the bullies to EVER win, being sent to the principal’s office many times in school over things other students did that she would retaliate against. Playing a victim isn’t what she does though, she’s very well known for playing the villain instead. She takes no one’s shit and speaks the truth, something she has learned from a very young age, the truth will set you free. Many find these qualities to be issues or “villainous” but at the end of the day, no one could say she is a liar. Her journey with drag begins at the age of 18, having been asked for her older brother’s birthday to attempt drag and perform for him (he’s also gay). She did it, not well, but she did it and has never stopped since. Fast forward 7 years….and here we are.

     A producer and procurer of oddities for the Funeral Parlour PGH events. Elizabeth creates an entire atmosphere from the moment you walk into the doors of There Ultra Lounge, located in downtown Pittsburgh. She comes from 7 years of experience behind the art of performance and directing. Doing anything from traditional drag pageantry to creating an event unlike anything you've ever seen before. She has won Miss HoHoHo, MessMurica, Miss Club Pittsburgh, and Miss Morgantown Up and Coming to attest that her art is versatile and able to fit into any boxes she wishes to put it into, or even destroying the boxes society has accumulated and associated with the world of performance artist. The proudest moment in her career was when she was able to start Funeral Parlour PGH from her own pocket. Financing, promoting, and producing with advice and help from her good friend Kat De Lac (who is credited as a co-producer/promoter) Elizabeth has created an event all queer people are welcomed to, even ones who couldn't afford tickets. She has donations available for queer people to attend who otherwise couldn't afford it. She specializes in booking local performers who you typically won't see because they do not fit the standard aesthetic of Top 40's music or "pretty". 


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