Lilo Stitches

     Lilo Stitches is many things but smart is not one of them. Don’t let the college degree fool you. 


     Lilo self describes as “bisexual Pennsetucky white trash” influenced by her love of nostalgia and growing up in the rural forested farmland outside of Ford City, PA. She now resides in Pittsburgh and has been performing since 2016. Currently the technical producer for Element’s monthly Open Stage competition and host of Benefit, a drag/charity show focusing on organizations and nonprofits dealing with animals and environmental causes.


     As a bearded queen, she loves being an intersection of society’s ideas of masculinity and femininity. Why does facial hair make you a man? Why do breasts make you a woman? What does that make someone who has both? She embraces her roots often portraying the country girl-next-door trope a la Gilligan’s Island’s Mary Ann or The Beverly Hillbillies’ Elly Mae. Her persona also mixes in the pop culture and media she consumed growing up. Still addicted to children’s and young adult TV and movies from the 90s and 00s; video games; and the internet, she’ll be happy to bring it up any chance she can in a performance or in line for the bathroom. Oh, and her cat. Be prepared to see many pictures of her cat.


     Drag is many things to many people, but to Lilo drag is fun first and foremost. People need breaks from all the heavy stuff that clogs up the rest of their lives, and she wants to help them all forget about that for two seconds and laugh at a Spongebob quote we all know. If you're not willing to have fun then why did you show up?


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