Lisa is a drag performer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She loves to perform numbers that are based on her favorite tv and video game characters. Lisa still considers herself a baby queen with a lot to learn! Lisa's main drag inspiration is Scarlet Fairweather who Lisa looks up to and loves very much. Scarlet also taught Lisa how important it is to vote and that if able, we should register to vote at Calipso also inspires Lisa to dance like no one is watching!


     Lisa got her start in January 2019 at open stage at Blue Moon Bar on Butler Street. Lisa loves competing in open stages across Pittsburgh and was recently the winner at Brewer's Bar in a duet with Jaxa Froot and as a solo artist at Element Bar in Shadyside. Lisa is still trying to win Blue Moon open stage, but Lisa knows if she keeps practicing her time will come!


     The highlight of Lisa's drag career was competing in the Miss Blue Moon Pageant this past January. She loved telling the audience all of her thoughts and feelings. She also got to wear fancy clothes and pose like a supermodel! Lisa wants to be the winner of the Miss Blue Moon Pageant someday and have her picture on the wall with all the other Blue Moon legends! Lisa also wants to show Pittsburgh that drag is for everyone and everyone is valid.


     Another goal of Lisa's is to become a show producer this year because she loves ridiculous show themes and wants to be a part of the ridiculousness! Lisa also wants to get more political with her drag this year, and she is not afraid to be vocal and show her anger about the injustices of the world that we need to change.


     Outside of drag, Lisa likes to make specialty cocktails. She also likes to win Mario Kart and competes on the internet against people all over the world! When she is the winner she will tell everyone but if she loses, she just keeps it to herself.


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