Lucille Lovegood

     Some queens like to have a defining style of drag so that people understand what they are getting when they step on stage.

     Lucille Lovegood defies that standard by borrowing aspects from different styles of drag to turn it into something that is unique. A classically beautiful queen who likes to make people laugh, Lucille doesn’t feel her job is finished until she has the crowd laughing and cheering and her fellow queens shaking their heads at how silly she is. Lucille had started drag at the age of 21 by attending Open Stages at the Blue Moon on Butler Street.

     Lucille has performed in venues in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia, and she hopes to expand her horizons and perform in new cities across the country. Lucille had won the title of Miss Pittsburgh Pride Newcomer 2017 and competed in multiple bar pageants.

     Lucille can do it all! Bars, bingo, weddings, brunch, standing in line at the buffet etc. Lucille doesn’t like to take drag too seriously. It’s all about having fun with the audience and making a personal connection with people. “If I can make an impact on someone’s day, then that makes me feel good about myself.”


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