Scarlet Fairweather

     Scarlet Fairweather is the soccer mom of Pittsburgh drag.  Peppy, optimistic, and full of puns, she tries her best to inject humor and lightheartedness into her shows.


     She started performing in 2009 at the Glitz & Glamour drag show at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  From there she's spread her charms to the Pittsburgh scene, calling the Blue Moon her home. She's blessed to have a family that is active and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.


     Scarlet supports voter registration efforts and insists that if you're reading this, you get registered to vote!  Drag is political and as long as she has a voice, she plans on using it to push for changes and increased political engagement.  She also supports more diversity in the drag scene and encourages anyone to hop in and bring their voice into the conversation!


     She has held the following titles:  Miss Blue Moon 2020 , Miss Gay Pittsburgh Pride 2017, Lil' Miss Clown Royale 2018, Miss Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2009, 2011, 2012.  Her father (actual biological father), Papa Bearweather, has held the title of Mr Blue Moon Bear 2020.


     In her free time Scarlet can be found playing video games,teaching her nieces and nephews to lip-sync, watching foreign films, protesting bad politics, and joking around with her many drag children. You can find Scarlet on facebook, instagram, youtube, and twitter!  And you can register to vote at !


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